11 June 2011

Now That I Have A Laptop...

Does that mean I'm writing a novel? HAHA. I kid.

Seriously though, I didn't realise how much use I would get out of this damn thing until I had it. Breakfast has become a whole new world of time wastage, since instead of reading my news feeds on the iPad, I can now type really quickly on my laptop while reading the news. So I find myself getting into forum arguments at breakfast. So much fun. Although you know what they say about arguing on the internet...

I haven't stopped reading tonnes of books, by the way. I just stopped writing about it for a while, because I was doing most of the writing at the library. These days, I get my books from BookDepository.co.uk instead. But now that I have a LAPTOP.

Did I mention that I bought myself a laptop? It's an Asus something or other with a 14" screen, which is quite small but suprisingly adequate. It also has a beautify keyboard for touch typing. I barely have to proof read or spell check anymore thanks to this god damn magnificent hunk of plastic crap.

The Future? It's awesome.