16 June 2011

New Books!

I received Hartwell and Kramer Years Best SF 16 in the post two days ago. Very good. I've barely had a chance to look at it yet, since I was a: in the middle of Dexter In The Dark by Jeff Lindsay and b: I was either out or doing something else all day, so I haven't had the opportunity to look. It'll be great though, I'm sure.

It is (was?) the last book I purchased from Amazon.com. As you may have heard, I'm a bookdepository.co.uk nerd now. Awesome, cheap, free postage.

I put in a new order today, actually. The books are:
  • Jeff Lindsay - Dexter is Delicious
  • Lou Anders - Fast Forward Vol. 1
  • Jim Butcher - Summer Knight
  • Irvine Welsh - The Acid House (I've regretted selling this book to Elizabeths since I did it.)
  • Irvine Welsh - Reheated Cabbage
  • David Hartwell and Katheryn Kramer - Years Best SF 13
  • Nick Gevers - Is Anybody Out There?
Total price including postage (which is free, so, erm...) $71.47. They have a summer reading promo on, so if YOU would like a 10% discount voucher, email me and I will send you one. I've already used mine, but if you get one from me and buy something with it, I get another. Which would be nice, I think.

And they have almost everything.