31 May 2011

Regarding Live Export of Animals - A Letter To The Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister,

I beg you, as an Australian and as a human of decency (and as a socialist!), to end this barbaric practice of Live Exporting animals from this country. Not only do we have no control over the treatment of the live stock once they have left our shores, but it is also costing jobs that should remain in Australia. We are capable of performing all necessary rituals that may be required to meet the superstitious rules of potential purchasers of exported meat, and the additional work would be welcome in the current economic climate.

However, should a ban on live exports result in clients going elsewhere, I believe this to be a price worth paying in order to end our nations involvement in such barbarity.

I'm sure other have quoted the survival rates of the live export voyages. Add to this the deliberate cruelty seen in the recent Four Corners segment and it is clear that a ban on this vile trade in suffering must end, and it can only end if WE as a civilised nation end it.

I ask you again, please, act to end live animal exports from Australia.

Thank you for your time,
Nate Stokes