21 May 2011

I never finished writing this post, but here it is anyway.

I have to start work soon, so this will be brief, but the whole rapture thing that is going about at the moment has gotten me thinking about my grandfather, who died earlier this year, about his life and about my relationship with him.

You should know, especially if you are a family member, that I won't be holding back here. It's nothing bad, but I don't see any point in hiding anything any more. Anyone that could have been hurt by this shit is either dead, senile or already has been by my uncles book.


Poppy was a Pentecostal minister, evangelist, church pioneer and a very important person in my life. I was very close to him, and his rapid decline into dementia and the short, sudden illness that killed him hurt me deeply.

But the thing I am left with mostly is pity, and maybe a little regret. The regret is that I never challenged the lies my Poppy told, both to himself and to others.