31 May 2011

Regarding Live Export of Animals - A Letter To The Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister,

I beg you, as an Australian and as a human of decency (and as a socialist!), to end this barbaric practice of Live Exporting animals from this country. Not only do we have no control over the treatment of the live stock once they have left our shores, but it is also costing jobs that should remain in Australia. We are capable of performing all necessary rituals that may be required to meet the superstitious rules of potential purchasers of exported meat, and the additional work would be welcome in the current economic climate.

However, should a ban on live exports result in clients going elsewhere, I believe this to be a price worth paying in order to end our nations involvement in such barbarity.

I'm sure other have quoted the survival rates of the live export voyages. Add to this the deliberate cruelty seen in the recent Four Corners segment and it is clear that a ban on this vile trade in suffering must end, and it can only end if WE as a civilised nation end it.

I ask you again, please, act to end live animal exports from Australia.

Thank you for your time,
Nate Stokes

21 May 2011

I never finished writing this post, but here it is anyway.

I have to start work soon, so this will be brief, but the whole rapture thing that is going about at the moment has gotten me thinking about my grandfather, who died earlier this year, about his life and about my relationship with him.

You should know, especially if you are a family member, that I won't be holding back here. It's nothing bad, but I don't see any point in hiding anything any more. Anyone that could have been hurt by this shit is either dead, senile or already has been by my uncles book.


Poppy was a Pentecostal minister, evangelist, church pioneer and a very important person in my life. I was very close to him, and his rapid decline into dementia and the short, sudden illness that killed him hurt me deeply.

But the thing I am left with mostly is pity, and maybe a little regret. The regret is that I never challenged the lies my Poppy told, both to himself and to others.

15 May 2011

In Which I Blog About Being at Work, but Wishing I Were On A Spaceship.

So. Here I am, once again. A Sunday afternoon spent making change, pumping fuel for people too lazy to do it themselves and saying "If you could enter your PIN number and OK please."

Yeah, I say pin number. What're you gonna do about it?

Ok , I started this 5 hours ago and have been flat out since.


Sent from my iPod which would be awesome if everywhere has WIFI but instead there just NOTHING which is annoying and XARCH UP WITH THE 21st CENTURY AUSTRALIA!!!

05 May 2011

Again, Das Phone ist Ficken

Yep, it says I've got email but won't let me open it, internet but no twitter, sms or phone service. I hate phones.

UPDATE: 5/5/2011 @ 11PM: It all seems to be working again, but that hasn't stopped me from wishing I had bought a different phone. Oh well, since I dropped this one twice today, I'm sure I'll need a new one soon enough.

03 May 2011

Schoopid Modular Tellingbone

I just tried to use this flocking phone for its primary purpose, only to discover that i have no service at all. That is, except, for internet access. I'd be impressed if it weren't exactly not what i need right now.

It's rather ironic, in the Canadian pop singer who uncannily resembles Dave Grohl kind of way.

01 May 2011

Mobile posting is mobile.

Waiting, as fucking usual. So I thought I might send off a quick post, before realising that I don't have anything to say right now. None the less...

I'm listening to Iain M Banks Player of Games audiobook, which is quite fun. I'm in the car doing this right now, in fact, and people are looking at me funny as they walk past me! HaHa, it's like a hyper version of 'whachoo readen for?'

Here's a photo!

Oh, I don't seem to be able to stick images incline with this email client. I was hoping that I might be able to. Oh well.

Gotta go, I'm up next!

The end?

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