29 April 2011

Why I Haven't Updated Since February

Hi there! No, I didn't die, I've just been really busy. I've started a new job and left my old one, but still doing the same thing. Which is good, really, since I like my job. The new job is just closer to home.

Java has had a birthday, having turned 12. Weird.

I also had a birthday, turning 375. Getting old sucks. I did, however, get some awesome gifts, including a new Radeon 5770, books by Alastair Reynolds and a copy of Masked for my very own, new shoes, which stink already, very orange laces, and a Hendrix tshirt. Yay for me. Oh, and I got crysis, finally, and I'm about half way through.

Why yes, I have been reading. An incomplete list is as follows:

In no particular order:
<->Old Mans War by John Scalzi, which was a brilliant, funny, cynical take on Starship Troopers
<->Consider Phlebas by Iain M Banks, a wonderful space opera that I wish was true.
<->The Player of Games by Iain M Banks, more wonderful space opera.
<->Godlike Machines edited by Johnathan Strahan, a collection of 'big dumb object' stories from the likes of Cory Doctorow and Robert Reed
<->Chasm City by Alastair Reynolds, one of my birthday present books.
<->The Takeshi Kovacs books by Richard Morgan, which read like Andy McNab in space, with a socialist antihero twist.
<->Use of Weapons by Iain M Banks, another brilliant 'Culture' novel that was briefly my benchmark for brilliance.
<->The Green Leopard Plague and Other Stories by Walter Jon Williams. Cool.
-Newtons Wake by Ken McLeod, a guy who just doesn't write enough!
<->the forever War by Joe Haldeman, an old favorite of mine
-Conspiracies by F. Paul Wilson, from the Repairman Jack series.
-The 4500 page Void Trilogy by Peter F Hamiilton, a masterwork of sheer brilliance.
-Seeker by Jack McDevitt, a book I've been meaning to track down and read since I read an excerpt in a nebula awards annual. Now I have. Fucking great fun.
-Excess ion by Iain M Baks, a very nice Culture story about outside influence and space ships.
-Look To Windward by Iain M Banks, which I struggled to get into until the 2nd chapter, when it took off and blew my mind.
-Inversions by Iain M banks, which blew my mind some more.
-Matter by Iain M Banks, which reset the standard for sheer brilliance in prose.
Surface Detail by Iain M Baks which reset the standard again. I finished this one today, and kinda wish it was still going or that I hadn't read it yet, because it's his most recent book and there is nothing new to go on too. Fortunately he has about 20 more books published, although not as part of his Culture series.

I am currently reading Feersum Enjinn, which 3 chapters in has been so good I want to sit and read the while damn thing, but then if I do, I'll have to find something else to read and it won't be this book!!! I also have a fairly big pile of too be read books:

-Battle Stations edited by David Drake,
-The algebraist by Iain M Banks
-Against A Dark Background by Iain M Banks, which I started but on realizing it wasn't a culture novel, set it aside temporarily.
-The Crow Road by Iain Banks, a mainstream book as denoted by the lack of an M in the authors name...
-Transition by Iain Banks
-Metaplanetary by Tony Danoel, which I have been hunting for for ashes.
-The Confederation Trilogy by Peter F Hamilton, which is incredibly intimidating based on it's 5000+ page count.

I've also got a couple of Stephen King books that I've been meaning to take a peek at, being Blockade Billy and Full Dark, No Stars, but since the Dome, I've been very hesitant. I hated that book, it was a completely traumatic experience for me. Also coming up are the annual purche of The Years Best Science Fiction edited by Gardner Dozois and Years Best SF edited by David Hartwell and Kathryn Kramer due in June and May respectively ( which I must remember to put some money on the good old MasterCard Debit to pay for, since they're coming from Amazon via preorder...) and trust is just the boos that I urgently WANT to read.

There are also bunch of paperbacks that I picked up of Fred pink, bob heinlein, Poul Anderson, Lester Del Ray and Algis Bundrys that I would love to read through again some time, but I jdont see it happening.

Ok, I'm going to post this now. I know, it's full of errors, and tomorrow I will clean it up some, but since the kid is on the computer playing Minecraft, I am typing this on the iPad screen, which means that the text I am currently typing is covered over with the software keyboard. I really shield buy a Bluetooth thin gamy for it, but they are pretty expensive, kooks 4 whole books worth of money haha. And since my books mall come from the library, it's doubly too expensive, or something.

Anyway, my point is that I just can't be fucked trying to edit and proof this post on an iPad, cause it'd be hard, time consuming and frankly not very accurate anyway.

Thanks for readin! I hope yu are well. I hope you are reading lots of great books. Be it mystery, mills and boomed or magazines, any amount of reading is one billion times more useful than any equivalent amount of time spent watching television, so please, for your own sake, and for the future of our species, won't somebody think of the paperbacks??

The Hairy Fucken Hairball known as NATE!!!!! Woooohtttah!