31 January 2011

Commentation is under Activation

With a small hint of alliteration.....

Yeah, I've put comments on. This is because I got a question for you all.

Can anybody recommend short stories or novels for a highly advanced 12yo reader in the SF genre for the purpose of teaching literature?

I can, but I might have missed some.

30 January 2011

Sandstone blocks are pretty...

Today, I built this villa thingy, which has an underwater room and a volcano in the basement. I would try to finish it, but my time, patience and ass are finished.

Minecraft: Don't buy it if you value the rest of your life...

29 January 2011


Java and I purchased Minecraft a few days ago, which is mentioned in explaination of why I haven't written anything in days. It looks like Wolfenstein, plays like SimCity without the stupid rules and limits. It's like Lego, but better. I built a really big castle! See? No particular reason that I did it, I just did. Yay for me.

I was going to build a Dwarrowdelf model. (LoTR fans will recognise this as the fuckoff big hall full of columns and dark at the eastern end of Moria, where as others will recognise this as Nate having lost his tiny little mind.) But I got bored with it, and ended up just digging holes all over the place instead.

I heart this game.

22 January 2011

On The Subject Of Ebook Piracy

This guy, Charles Tan who is from the Phillipines wrote this great essay on the poor folk perspective of ebooks and ebook piracy. Read this!!! Brilliant and saves me from having to write the same things...

17 January 2011

Now That Xmas/New Year is Over, We Resume Our Regular Service

Whew! That was intense!

Xmas this year was pretty full on with work, since we had a few staff off sick. I've been working way more than I wanted to. I haven't been to the library since 20th December 2010. Happy New Year BTW.

I have still managed to do plenty of reading, but since I didn't keep up with blogging it, I thought maybe I would just write yers a list. But first, the news.

I GOT A KOBO for Xmas from Java and Juta. Actually, it was an all round excellent year for presents, since I also got a lawn mower from my mum (via gift cards), a dremel from Juta, socks and iTunes cards from Java (I heart xmas socks!) and then we stayed home alone for xmas day, ate snack food and napped until it cooled down, then watched movies until about 4 in the morning.

New Years was a repeat of Xmas, minus the presents, plus sparklers.

A massive list of books that I have read since my last book related entry, which may not be all inclusive, since the heat has affect the neural wiring of my Giant Planetoid of a Headtm

  • ARM - Tales of Gil 'The Arm' Hamilton - Larry Niven: Part of the known space series, I think this was a fan made ebook, with stories about organlegging and detective work. A whole bunch of short stories I had never read before, including 'Patchwork Girl' which was excellent.
  • Beowulf Shaeffer - Larry Niven: Another fan made ebook that I found online (sorry Larry!) that had all of the Beowulf Shaeffer stories like 'Flatlander', 'Borderlands of Sol' and others. More Known Space.
  • Protector - Larry Niven: This is one that I had never been able to get my hands on before. A Known Space novel that describes the origins of the human species. Too cool, plus now Ringworld makes a whole lot more sense.
  • Years Best Science Fiction 5 - Ed David Hartwell and Katheryn Cramer: The 1999 edition, full of brilliant short fiction. This series plus the Gardner Dozois books, plus Strange Horizons and Clarkesworld keeps me pretty busy, but I am always on the lookout. No standouts, because they were all good. Writeup to come at some point in the future.
  • Years Best Science Fiction 10 - Ed David Hartwell and Katheryn Cramer: Featured some fantastic short fiction from 2004, from a series that I absolutely love. Standouts include 'Sergeant Chip' by Bradley Denton. Now that I try to think back, I can't remember any other stories from this book, but I remember that I enjoyed them.
  • Years Best Science Fiction 13 - Ed David Hartwell & Katheryn Cramer: Yeah, I went on a bit of a Years Best bender.
  • Space Stations - Ed Martin Greenburg: I grabbed this because Gardner Dozois listed every story in it in his Honoroable Mentions 2004 list. One of the best themed anthologies I've read so far.
  • Brave New Worlds: Dystopian Futures: Ed John Joseph Adams: Very nice themed reprints collection with a lot of stories I had never read before. I got this one from Baen.com 
  • The Best of Frederik Pohl: This collection dates back to the mid 90s, which had a few stories I'd not read before.
  • The Best Science Fiction And Fantasy of the Year Vol 1 (2005) - Ed Johnathan Strahan: Another book from Baen, with a nice selection of stuff, different from the other anthologists selections for the most part. Every book of this type featured 'Yellow Card Man' and 'Pol Pot's Beautiful Daughter'...
  • The Postman - David Brin: I grabbed this book because, although I have never liked David Brin's novels, I like the plot of this one. I should not have bothered.
  • The Hard SF Renaissance - Ed David Hartwell: Almost, but not quite as cool as The Space Opera Renaissance, but a very cool read none the less. A collection of critical articles and stories that help define Hard SF as a subgenre. It's not easy to draw hard and fast lines in SF, but this book is a useful guide if you like the more scientifically rigourous stories.
I'm sure there was something else, but I don't remember right now.

And on that note, I'm gonna go buy a gas bottle and some food.

I love youse all.