15 November 2010

Gateways - Stories in Honour of Frederik Pohl edited by Elizabeth Anne Hull

  • Author: Elizabeth Anne Hull (Editor)
  • Title: Gateways
  • Publisher: Tor 2010
  • ISBN: 978 0765326621
This very cool collection of stories inspired by and recollections about Frederik Pohl by some of the premier SF authors in the field was put together by his wife, Elizabeth 'Betty' Hull, for Freds 90th (I think..) birthday. As many of you regular (hahahahahahfucknrofl) readers will know, I consider Frederik Pohl to be THE Grand Master of SF. There has never been an author as visionary or as multifaceted as Fred, and there probably never will be.

As an aside, to anyone who wants to challange this with 'Issac Asimov', I say fuck off. Asimov was a brilliant feller no doubt, but he couldn't write for shit. Heinlein doesn't even come close either. Maybe Cordwainer Smith might be up there, but Fred is the clear master to my mind. Gene Wolfe is as good, but not for as long, so far.

Anyway, this book collects all sorts of stories basically 'doing' Fred Pohl, mostly pretty successfully. I enjoyed spotting the secret Pohlgeek references and the stories were pretty good on their own anyway.

If you like Fred Pohl, get this book. He deserves the honour, and the book certainly does him justice. If you don't like Fred Pohl, what the fuck are you reading this for? Go get a John Grisham or something, you fucking barbarian.