11 October 2010

Today, I'll be mostly wearing, haddock trousers.

No, that really isn't true. What is true is that after spending 2 hours lined up at centrelink (and giving up - their computer system is down and they can't actually do anything, apparently. It didn't stop them from calling next repeatedly, however.) I have rewarded myself to a brand new order of books, but I ran out of request space in the library systems. Here, firstly, is a list of the books I DID order:

  • 20th Century Ghost by Joe Hill - Hill's first collection of short work, I love everything I've ever read of his. In a lot of ways, Hill is better than his father and has an assload of potential.
  • Iron Sunrise by Charles Stross - I love this book so much I want to eat it every day. Getting it from the library because my E-copy is looking ragged from being read too much. Bet you didn't know that ebooks get ripped and dirty just like paperbacks.
  • 28 Days Later: The Aftermath - The graphic novel companion/substory of the film, which I haven't seen yet. I have seen the second film and it scared the shit out of me without even once resorting to stupid 'boo' tricks. OK, once or twice, but the really scary parts are not cheap or stupid at all.
  • Halting State by Charles Stross - I read a blog post by Charlie yesterday about the writing of this book. I love the idea that bad guys might use the economic systems of MMO's to steal money and destroy the 'stock market' in the game, both for profit and practise. It's also hilarious that this was originally going to be a Vampire novel.
  • Zombies: A Field Guide to the Walking Dead by Bob Curran: I flicked through this at A&R a while ago, looks cute. Probably not worth buying though.
And now the books I didn't order, because I don't have room:
  • Welcome to Lovecraft by Joe Hill (and another guy) - Graphic novel of the Locke and Key mysteries written by Hill. I've heard really good things about it.
  • Walking Dead graphic novels - Mostly because I already have the issues at home, but trade paperback comics are nice to hold.
  • The Atrocity Archives by Charles Stross - I've wanted to read this for ages.
  • More stuff - I can't be bothered typing any more. Rest assured that it was all awesome.
So there you go. Now I have to go buy pet food and drive home. My fucked tooth is killing me. I can't take any painkillers for it, because I was previously quite the fuckhead. I barely slept last night and my house is a mess.  Thank fuck I just got a new book to read about apocalypses. That aught to cheer me up a bit.

And stay the fuck out of my room.