02 August 2010

An Update, following a Short Absence from the Blogosphere

I haven't written anything on here for a few weeks now, largely since I got that god damned iPod, which by the way is fricken awesome and I love love love it, but it has stopped me from achieving much in the way of getting back into the habit of writing, because I do actually intend to try to write something serious soon, well, as soon as I think of something to write ABOUT.

Anyway, I have read quite a few ebooks since getting the iPod, and absolutely No, except a few, treeBooks.

Oh, I got my Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty Seventh Annual Collection Ed G Dozois and my Year's Best SF 15 Ed David Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer in the post the day before I got the iPod, both of which were brilliant. I am so glad I got them. And yay for Amazon, who managed to post both to me within 14 days of release, when the local distributor has not yet released them, and told me it would be a 6 week wait after the publication date to arrive anyway. Fuckers.

In other news, I got my hands on the April edition of Analog Science Fiction and Fact, which made for a pretty good read. Can't remember the stories now though. Maybe not that good. I do remember ENJOYING it, however.

I went on a bit of a Baen Books bender last week. Whoops. (I secretly love them) And a few other things. List of been to for read:
  • The Tank Lords, Ranks of Bronze and The Complete Hammer's Slammers Volume Two by David Drake
  • Fallen Angels by Jerry Pournelle and Larry Niven
  • A couple of the Honor Harrington books by David Weber
  • "Act One" by Nancy Kress, really excellent novella.
  • Science Fiction Omnibus edited by Brian Aldiss, one of the best classic short story anthologies around
  • A bunch of other bits and pieces from Analog, Asimov's and Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazines.
On the to read list at the moment:
  1. Neal Asher - Brass Man (in progress)
  2. Paolo Bacigalupi - The Windup Girl
  3. CJ Cherryh - Cyteen
  4. David Hartwell et al - The Hard SF Renaissance
  5. Nancy Kress - Steal Across the Sky
  6. Frederik Pohl - Gateway (HeeChee One)
  7. Vernor Vinge - Rainbows End
  8. Johnathan Strahan editor - Eclipse Three (in progress) including stories "The Pelican Bar" by Karen Joy Fowler, "Don't Mention Madagascar" by Pat Cadigan and "A Practical Girl" by Ellen Klages
  9. Iain M. Banks - Consider Phelbas (First of the Culture novels)
  10. Novellas by Stephen Baxter, Phillip K Dick, CJ Cherryh, Nancy Kress, Alastair Reynolds and about 500 others.
  11. YBSF 14 by Hartwell and Cramer
  12. The Good New Stuff by G Dozois.featuring Chairman Bruce, Michael Swanwick, Walter Jon Williams, Maureen F McHugh, Robert Reed, Stephen Baxter, R Garcia y Robertson (awesome), Tony Daniel, Paul J McAuley, Peter F Hamilton and Mary Rosenblum. Too fucking cool.
  13. And a shitload of Robert Reed books.
If I had more time to read, I'd just fill it up with more reading anyway, so I can't complain. However, I weighed myself this morning. OMFG, I got fat. Oer. Whoops. I better loose some weight or I might die of a heart attack before I finish the books I want to read.