04 August 2010

Ugh, I Finally Got Out of The Doctors Office

It's only two hours after my appointment time, so not too bad, all things considered. Just popped into the library to grab a few books and to write this down. Got a couple of SF study books, Reading Science Fiction ed James Gunn, Marlene S Barr and Matthew Candelaria, and Science Fiction Stories: Macmillan Literature Collection, with stories and study exercises/guides from Philip K Dick, Stanley G Weinbaum, Ray Bradbury, Arthur C Clarke, and Jake London. A lot of the exercises are pretty basic, but have some essay potential, and since I am trying to get back into it....

Answer key guide www.macmillanenglish.com/readers apparently.

I had no idea that Jack London wrote SF.

So now, at 4.25pm, I am just about to head home. So if my loverly fammerly are reading this before I arrive, I'll be home soon, so put the kettle on!! I really need a coffee, some couch and WiFi.

Tonight, I'll be mostly doing....hair dye.