04 August 2010

Sitting in my car waiting for 2.20pm to come

So I am sitting in my car. Great huh? I brought my iPod so that I could read YBNH 1 by Ellen Datlow or Ecllipse One by David Hartwell while I was waiting for my doctors appointment.

Here's the problem though. Yesterday I had a shot at Jailbreaking my iPod using an online thing called jailbreakme. Didn't work, naturally. All it managed to do was delete my shortcuts, so I restored from a backup, everything is back in place, everything is now fine.

Unfortunately, running the backup also restored my library database, so all of my new books that I downloaded between my last sync and running the restore have vanished from the iPod. Not lost forever, but not with me here. All I have with me is one anthology by Strahan that I've already read and a bunch of novels that I've either read or am not ready to start yet.


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