05 July 2010

Nealasherfest - It's Fricken Neal Asher Polity Novel Madness!!!

Over the past week, I've managed to get my hands on a number of Neal Asher novels and have read most of them. Still a couple in my stack that I have to get too....

They have all been brilliant. My only complaint is with the library, which has supplied all of the 'supporting' novels from the Polity series, but none of the main storyline books (Agent Cormac series).

And in other fantastic news, Ben Cousins, formerly of the West Coast Eagles, now a Richmond Football Club player, has been rushed to Intensive Care after an 'adverse reaction to a sleeping tablet.'

He just loves his junk far too much, doesn't he? And he really doesn't manage it well. I mean, there's the 'running from the cops to bury the stash' incident, the 'arrested shirtless and high as a kite' incident, a month long trip to rehab in the USA, which I'm sure was excellent fun. There aren't that many druggies who manage to attract quite as much media attention as ol' Bennie.

I'm thinking that he's either eaten a dodgy pill full of GHB and Ketamine, or OD'd on oxy's/greys. Or maybe he just snorted so much coke that his heart stopped? Nah, probably the pill. Or Pills. I'd doubt that he only took one of whatever it was.

Geez, I hope they drug test him and publish the results. I'd love to know what he took. He's such a fuck up, I absolutely love it. It's nice to see the golden haired, private school, rich kid, superstar footballer fall on his ass. It's a timely reminder to people that drug addiction isn't something exclusive to criminals and poor people, or for that matter restricted to stupid people. And I don't like his type anyway. Fuckin' richie rich asshole, walkin' around like he's entitled to greatness, looking down on people who aren't in his social and economic class like he's the better breed of human. (Yeh, I have issues with classism and economic disparity in Western Democracies, and the World in general.)

You shoulda run, Bennie.