22 June 2010

Neal Asher - Shadow of the Scorpion

  • Author: Neal Asher
  • Title: Shadow of the Scorpion
  • Publisher: Tor 2009
  • ISBN: 978 0230738591
Shadow of the Scorpion is an Agent Cormac novel from Ashers 'Polity' universe. It tells the story of Cormac's first missions as an ECS and later Sparkind soldier, and a little about Cormac's childhood on Earth. The novel stands as a kind of prequel to the main Agent Cormac series, adding some insight into the background of the character, as well as polishing the story of Prador Moon a little, since it is set largely after the end of the Prador War.

This novel is completely up to the high standard that we expect from Asher. His fast paced prose and his ability to develop character through action make this a fascinating insight into one of the best SF characters I have ever come across, as well as being an exciting page-turner of an adventure story.

Without spoiling anything, the major outcomes of this story are that it:
  1. Explains the origin of Cormac's dislike of separatists.
  2. Explains the origin of Cormac's dislike of the Prador.
  3. Explains the origin of Cormac's acceptance of golem and AI intelligences.
  4. Explains how Cormac became the owner of Shuriken.
As per, this novel it highly recommended. You won't be disappointed. It even has some sex in it, for those of you who like that kind of thing. And fishing. People go fishing in this one.

73 Stars.