08 June 2010

Neal Asher - The Engineer Reconditioned

The Engineer ReConditioned is a reprint and expansion of Asher's first published book, which was out of print and unavailable until this edition.  My copy had some really confusing printing errors, but once I figured out what the frack was going on, it was an excellent book.  Includes the novella The Engineer, the first Spatterjay story, a precursor to The Skinner, some Owner stories and this great short with vicious carnivore sheep.  Might be spoilers after the jump.

  • The Engineer - A story about the Jain
  • Snairl - A weird thingadapt story about a shell thing that has symbiont crew or something.  Kinda gross. Features a guy who once killed a hornet, and is now indentured to the hornet Hive Mind, a several thousand year old sentience that just couldn't communicate with humans until it nested in a VR suit and complained on the Internet about all the smooshings.
  • Spatterjay - This story is a precursor to the Skinner. Spatterjay stories are gross.
  •  Proctors - An Owner story
  • The Owner - Another Owner story
  • The Tor Beasts Prison - Weird time travel thing. I wish it was longer.
  • Tiger Tiger - Another owner story
  • The Gurnard - Parasitic fish things, carnivorous sheep, sugar dogs, the church and an ECS agent = highly gross and hilarious reading.
    Another of my must own books, I love this stuff.

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