21 June 2010

Charles Stross Novel obtained Out of Order!

Bunbury - In a shocking development today, reader and amateur Science Fiction critic Nate Stokes (34) discovered that he was in possession of an out of sequence science fiction novel, Iron Sunrise, by acclaimed British author Charles Stross, author of Singularity Sky as well as several short fiction pieces. Mr Stokes discovered the error when reading an essay by critic and author Iain M. Banks on the subject of space opera, which stated that Iron Sunrise is a 'fitting sequel to...' Singularity Sky, a novel that is not available at the Bunbury City Library.

When pressed for comment, Mr Stokes stated that "I am disappointed that once again, the Library is unable to stock complete series of novels, having rather only one or two volumes and often not holding the first volume of the series." Additionally, he noted that the publishers "once again have failed to note anywhere within the novel" that the book is part of a series. Mr Stokes claims to be in deep shock, and expressed his gratitude that he discovered the error before reading the out of sequence novel.

Mr Stross stated that he was not concerned about this issue, as the reader in question is "a fucking pain in [his] arse..."

Both the Publisher, Ace Books, and the Bunbury City Library declined to comment on this matter.

Mr Stokes stated that he would be seeking compensation for his mental anguish by way of a special 'Inter Library Loan' of the novel Singulary Sky, which forms the first part of the series. Mr Stokes further stated that he would reobtain the novel that he had borrowed in error, once the special loan had been completed. The outcome of the case will largely be determined by the popularity of Singularity Sky at it's present location. Police are no longer involved in this matter.

Nelson Burningham - AAP

Disclaimer - This story is not actually news, and Charles Stross was not contacted IRL...Charles Stross did not really call me a pain in the ass, Ace Books did not decline to comment. Everything else is true though. Except the thing about the goat, I swear, that never happened.