09 June 2010

C J Cherryh - Tripoint

This top notch space opera of the old school variety is set in Cherryh's Company Wars (or Alliance/Union) universe. I love finding space opera where each novel stands independant of the others, since I hate waiting for the next novel, and it is easier to get them out of sequence than in, so I am thrilled with this lady.  I had never read any of her books before and only picked it up by chance when I had nothing else going on.

Essentially, this is the story of a kid born on a Family spaceship, his mother is nuts and doesn't really want him, his family don't really want him, and he beleives his father to be evil. Then he gets abducted by his half brother, meets a girl, falls in love, learns the rest of the story of his conception, proves himself in a life threatening situation and lives happily ever after. 

Highly formulaic, perfect for a quick, entertaining, obligation free read. Not the best ever, but certainly worthwhile.