11 June 2010

Alastair Reynolds - Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days

Two novellas by Al Reynolds from his Revelation Space series.  The first novella, Diamond Dogs, is about a team of misfits/outcasts/weirdos attempting to conquer an alien artifact. The second, Turquoise Days, is about two sisters who live on the ocean planet Turquoise, which is home to Pattern Jugglers.

If you've read any Revelation Space books, you know about Pattern Jugglers. Both of these stories have some link to Jugglers. Dogs has links to Chasm City, The 80 and Calvin Sylveste. Just a pair of glimpses into the larger universe. Little hints about the Pattern Jugglers, and about the mysterious extinct alien races that humans have found traces of in their exploration of the galaxy.

These novellas are both very very good. Turquoise Days gets reprinted ALOT in the best of type anthologies, although I personally think that Diamond Dogs is a more entertaining story. I enjoyed this book enormously (it's the only Reynolds short fiction collection that I don't own) and recommend it to any reader. It's probably not a good introduction to the Revelation Space stories, but certainly a good addition once you have an idea of the overall shape of Reynolds vision.

Get this after you've read Revelation Space, or after you have read Galactic North.