03 May 2010

Recent Readings - The last 2 weeks

I've been working and haven't really had time to sit down and type, plus putting in a shitload of reading.  Work is fine, but I am glad I don't have to work at this place too many more times.  The money is not that great, and to be honest, the people are starting to shit me off.  Not the staff, the customers.

In other news, my rotten tooth has started to fall apart.  Awesome. 

Also, my ass is really numb because I just sat for a few minutes (2 hours) catching up on news/blogs/email for the first time in a week.  I did intend to do it on friday but ended up playing with this excellent little drawing thing called Harmony that some dude did in javascript or something.  I fricken love it.  Expect a blog redesign incorporating many many Harmony Generated Images.

  • Alastair Reynolds - Zima Blue and Other Stories
  • Alastair Reynolds - Galactic North
  • Alastair Reynolds - House of Suns
  • New Space Opera 1 - Anthology of new stuff.
  • New Space Opera 2 - Second volume
  • Larry Niven - The Draco Tavern
  • Elizabeth Moon - The three Heris Serrano books (The Serrano Legacy Omnibus)
  • A couple of Robert Heinlein juvenile series books - Starman Jones and Starship Troopers
  • William Burroughs - Junky
I should get out more.  But I don't like you people.  I really would rather have rejuvination, a space yacht, a large interplanetary bank account, and a pet thingy.  Preferably loyal, furry, protective and good at fetching things I left in other cabins.  And a crew of highly compitent but unorthodox ex military people of mixed gender, who will do pretty much whatever I tell them too (I am a highly ethical person, so no exploitation or bad treatment of my crew, obviously) while remaining fiercly loyal to me and assisting me to fight injustice where ever we come across it. 

Sigh.  The 21st century sucks.