24 May 2010

Paul McAuley - Fairyland

I had to wait a really long time for Fairyland to arrive from the State Library service, but it turned out to be worth the wait.  McAuley manages to write one of the weirdest stories I have ever read and also one of the funniest. Many many laugh out loud moments, even though it is not a particularly funny story.

This story is essentially a future in which genetically engineered 'dolls' are used as slave labour, until an experimental child genius decides to free them. Results? Pretty much every monster from mythology ie fairies, gnomes, ogres, warewolves (sp is correct mate!) are brought to life.  Oh, and the fairies are blue skinned midgets that eat people, produce addictive hallucinogens in their blood and really fucking hate humans.

Seriously, this book is beyond good.  Future decline of society, drugs gone crazy, freakshow and babyboomers suck all rolled into one.  Creepy in a lot of places. Best use of First Rays of the New Rising Sun in a novel.  Best use of Gary Larson strips in a novel.  I laughed out loud in a very inappropriate place when I read the bit with the Larson mention, damn Farside. I wish I could find the strip.

Get this if you can.