06 April 2010

News Report - Armed Robbery In Bunbury

Apparently, two people in their 30s robbed a bank and a discount store in Stephen St, Bunbury  at around 10am today (so it must be the Commonwealth Bank and King Kong or maybe Thingz?) then took off toward Centrepoint Shopping Centre.  The police searched but could not locate them.

At around noon, a chemist in South Bunbury (not sure which one yet) was held up.  The alleged offenders then caught a taxi to the Glade Caravan Park, where they were apprehended by police and are now in custody.

 From ABC News Onlines report -
A Salvation Army worker Marion Myles says the two people taken into custody had asked for help from the charity this morning.
"They came here looking for welfare, emergency relief, and food vouchers," she said.
"As soon as I asked for their paperwork, he took off, he just ran, he pushed her out the door and off they went. They seemed agitated."
What the fuck kind of paperwork do you need to ask for charity assistance?

More info to follow as I find out.  Rest assured I will be staking out and chatting with as many involved people as possible!!