16 April 2010

Kage Baker - The Machine's Child

I was pretty happy when I finally got a hold of this 7th volume in the Company saga by Kage Baker.  This novel comprises the first part of the grand finale that has been building over the previous volumes and numerous short stories.  Schemes are coming together.  Lost characters are being rescued, recovered, revived and reborn.  Weapons are being gathered and assigned to the troops.  Finally, the Silence is drawing near.

OK, there may be a slight, minor spoiler after the jump, but honestly it is nothing specific or major, so you may as well read it.
When you read this novel, don't be surprised that nothing actually happens.  It's really part one of the final volume, rather than the second last.  I have enjoyed reading this series so much, and I am a bit sad that it is so close to the end.  Still, I can't wait for the next one to arrive.

Damn, I wish there were more books to go.