24 March 2010

Paul McAuley - Eternal Light

The continuation of the story of DorthyYoshida from 400 Billion Stars, this massive space opera takes us to the centre of the galaxy as various alien factions, some ascended, some imprinted on Dorthys brain attempt to use humans to destroy an Alea (the original aliens) threat to the galaxy.

Opening with the discovery of a star hurtling through the galaxy toward Earth at hyperspeed, around which orbits what seems to be a singularity gateway to the galactic core,  the story runs through coup, countercoup, betrayal, insanity, visions and hallucinations, subversive art and a talking supergenius baby.

My favourite parts of this story is definately Robot/Machine and the escape art scene.  Reminds me of putting detergent in the waterfall in highschool.

Not sure yet if this sequence continues in another novel, possible the book Pasquales Angel? 

This book would make no sense if you hadn't read 400 Billion Stars, but they are not listed as a series anywhere online or in the print editions.  This shits me so much.  Otherwise, it was typically high quality work by McAuley.