11 March 2010

Paragons - Edited by Robin Wilson

This outstanding collection of short fiction and essays on the craft of writing features work by Pat Cadigan, Greg Bear, Bruce Sterling, Lucius Shepard, Joe Haldeman, Nancy Kress, John Kessel and others.  An absolute must have for any would-be critical reader, writer or fan of genre fiction.
This complete list of chapters/stories/essays is still being formatted and commented on.

  •  Plot: The Tangled Web - essay by Robin Wilson  
  •  The Price of Oranges - novelette by Nancy Kress:  I love the way Nancy Kress writes emotional little pieces that really grab you and twist you around.
  •  One Damn Thing After Another  - essay by Nancy Kress on the subject of plot.
  •  Monsters  -  novelette by James Patrick Kelly
  •  Making Monsters  - essay by James Patrick Kelly
  •  Sisters - novelette by Greg Bear:  I don't usually like Greg Bear that much, I find him a bit samey and overly farfetched.  This is one of the rare exceptions to that usuality (hehe I make new word.!!) being a nice creepy little story about something.  I can't remember what now...damn.
  •  Characters Great and Small in SF: "Sisters"   essay by Greg Bear
  •  Rachel in Love - novelette by Pat Murphy:  I have heard that Pat Murphy got a lot of hatemail over this story - about an ape in captivity that fixates on (emotionally and sexually) her trainer/keeper, and the trainer starts to reciprocate.  So twisted that every time I come across this story I laugh histerically and try not to get any mental pictures.
  •  Imaginary Friends - essay by Pat Murphy: an essay on character
  •  Glacier - novelette by Kim Stanley Robinson
  •  The Psychic Landscape - essay by Kim Stanley Robinson: an essay on setting.
  •  Beast of the Heartland -  novelette by Lucius Shepard
  •  God Is in the Details - essay by Lucius Shepard:  an essay on setting
  •  Theme: To Mean Intensely - essay by Robin Wilson  
  •  Lily Red - shortstory by Karen Joy Fowler
  •  Once More, with Meaning - essay by Karen Joy Fowler: an essay on theme
  •  Our Neural Chernobyl       shortstory by Bruce Sterling
  •  About "Our Neural Chernobyl"   essay by Bruce Sterling
  •  Point of View: Who's Minding the Store?   essay by     Robin Wilson  
  •  Feedback       novelette by Joe Haldeman
  •  Point of View   essay by Joe Haldeman
  •  Buddha Nostril Bird       novelette by John Kessel
  •  Uncle Henry, Uncle Zorp, and Crazy Cousin Bingo   essay by John Kessel
  •  Style: The Dress of Thought   essay by     Robin Wilson  
  •  Pretty Boy Crossover       shortstory by Pat Cadigan
  •  The S Word   essay by Pat Cadigan
  •  Fair Game       novelette by Howard Waldrop
  •  Iceberg, Goldberg, It's All the Same to Me. . . .   essay by Howard Waldrop
  •  Appendix: A Workshop Lexicon       essay by Bruce Sterling (aka A Workshop Lexicon)