21 March 2010

An Open Letter to the United States of America (Because I am Pissed Off due to the Peter Wats Arrest and the USA in general)

Dear USofA,

This is why you're fat. (.com, from whom I borrowed this image)  It's bacon.  You really don't understand bacon at all, do you?  Bacon is not a base for a pie.  It isn't a topping for icecream.  It most certainly is NOT appropriately served with maple syrup.  Neither does marshmallow go with sweet potato.  It's a vegetable for goodness sake.

I'm suprised that you can wage war on so many poor people given the crap you eat.  I mean your heart must be struggling with all the fat and I dread to think how your livers are coping.  It amazes me that you still have the will, let alone the ability, to pick so many fights.  I guess that's what young people are for, huh? (It gets a bit more angry and abusive when you click on the link right under this sentence.....)

Please stop.  Stop everything.  And while we are at it, please keep your stupid fucking god out of my life.  For goodness sake, your religion is responsible for Internet filtering, drug prohibition, copyright law, the list goes on.  Just fuck off, would you?  I mean, do you even really believe it?

And you have managed to infect huge portions of the rest of humanity with your insidious fear mongering doctrine that makes people act nice in exchange for eternal life on a cloud, yet we could all have it here on Earth if you'd just back the fuck off on stem cell research.  And it's a little hard to trust someone who can't be nice just because it's nice. 

At least you haven't broken all of the scientists and science fiction writers.  If we could just get y'all to stop with the god stuff, I think things would be fine.  Oh, and fried does not count as a cuisine.

Nate Stokes
Atheist and Science Fiction Reader

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