16 March 2010

Lewis Shiner E-Books at The Fiction Liberation Front

A while back, I was scouting around for e-books to read and came across Lewis Shiners archive of fiction.  It's called the Fiction Liberation Front, and all of his stories are being published under the Creative Commons Attribution, Non Commercial, No Derivative Works 3.0US License, which is really cool.

One of my favourite stories ever is Till Human Voices Wake Us, which I first read in Bruce Sterlings seminal Mirrorshades anthology as a teenager.  Come to think of it, I think that Till Human Voices was the first Biomod story I ever read,
and it sparked a (so far) life long passion for weird chicks with gills in my scifi.  Not in my real life though...it's a bit too weird to actually, ya know, look at.  The notes for this story also had this great little bit on Character Names:

From the Science of Names Department: The protagonist is named Campbell in honor of what I call the "hard C" rule. I had noticed that suspense writers frequently give their heroes names that start with a hard C or a K. One of my favorite writers, Robert L. Duncan, had clearly figured this out as well, as all of his characters had hard-C last names. There are a million examples, but Case in Neuromancer and Converse in Dog Soldiers are two that come readily to mind. John Carter in Burroughs's Mars books. And on and on. You can see this in my own work in Kane in Frontera, Carmichael in Deserted Cities, and Robert and Michael Cooper in Black and White.
By Lewis Shiner 2007, published under CC-BY-NC-ND 3.0US, some rights reserved.
God damn, writing is so fricken interesting, and fun.  I don't think you'll regret checking out some of this guys stuff, because he is quite clever, funny and rather talented.  Actually, go read something now, because I had to write this post thanks to stupid fucking Firefox Addon writers who write things like scribefire but don't give you a way to close the preview screen, so when you click what looks like the close preview button, it blanks the whole fucking post out and you have to start again, the bastard.  I do like scribefire though.  It is pretty handy.