14 March 2010

Kage Baker - The Graveyard Game

  • Author: Kage Baker
  • Title:The Graveyard Game
  • Publisher:  Harcort 2001
  • ISBN: 978-0151004492
Book four of the company series did not disappoint.  My only wish is that it was longer, that I had the next volume already and that there would be a million more books about these characters.

This story is largely concerned with Joseph and Lewis, although Porfiro, Victor, Nan and other regular cast members do make minor appearances.  Oh, and there is also a cyborg'd Raven.  Too cool.

Kage Baker writes so well it makes me giddy.  I told Juta the other day that if I started a Church Of Specfictionolgy, Kage Baker would be the first Saint.  This is another one on my wishlist.