21 January 2010

Nebula Awards 28 (1992) - Edited by James Morrow

  • Author: James Morrow 
  • Title:  Nebula Awards 28 (1992 Edition)
  • Publisher:  Brace Harcourt 1994
  • ISBN: 978-0-15-100082-1
Annual Nebula Awards anthology for the 1992 Awards edited by James Morrow.  92 was a pretty good year for short scifi, with works by Connie Willis, Paul DiFilippo, Gregory Benford and editor James Morrow among others.  Other nominees not included in this edition were Lucius Shepard with Barnicle Bill the Spacer and Michael Swanwick with the seminal Griffins Egg.
  • Connie Willis - Even The Queen (Short Story Winner)
  • Pamela Sargent - Danny goes to Mars (Novelette Winner)
  • Gregory Benford - Matters End (Novelette Nominee)
  • S N Dyer - The July Ward (Novelette Nominee)
  • Paul Di Filippo - Lennon Spex (Short Story Nominee)
  • Nancy Kress - The Mountain to Mohammed (Short Story Nominee)
  • Kim Stanley Robinson - Vinland the Dream (Short Story Nominee)
  • Michael Bishop - Life Regarded as a Jigsaw Puzzle of Highly Lusterous Cats (Short Story Nominee)
  • James Morrow - City of Truth (Novella Winner)
Just for something completely different, I loved every single story in this anthology.  Since six of the nominees are in my favourite authors list anyway, it's no great suprise, but it is unusual that my taste actually matched the SFWA for 1992.

I don't usually like Kim Robinson that much, he's a bit hard sf for my taste, (even though I did quite like the Mars series and really liked Gold Coast).  This story was pretty interesting.