24 February 2010

John Barnes - Apostrophes and Apocalypses

A great collection of reprints and unpublished essays and short stories. I particularly liked Gentleman Pervert, it's just such a weird and funny story, but I generally like the way Barnes writes anyway so I might be biased.  This story relates to the novel Mother Of Storms (link to my notes on this to be added when I finally get to read it.)

  • Two Cheers for Ned Ludd and One For Crazy Eddie
  • Gentleman Pervert, Off on a Spree
  • How to Build A Future
  • Under the Covenant Stars
  • Finalities Besides the Grave
  • Restricted to the Necessary
  • Enrico Fermi and the Dead Cat
  • Empty Sky
  • Why the Stars are Always So Bright from Cousin Sid's Farm
  • That Style Thingie
  • Delicate Stuff
  • Deep in The Heart of Genre
  • Bang On!
  • Hope against Hope
  • Information and Unfictionable Science
  • Between Shepherds and Kings
  • That Kid Watching His Shoes
  • Digressions from the Second-Person Future
  • My Advice to the Civilized
  • The Kids are All right
I wish that there were more Empty Sky stories, I think that a magic parallel universe series by JB would be great.  I'm usually not that impressed by magic stories, but this one was really good. 

Delicate Stuff was a nice socialist future tale - a bit political, a bit human relationships, pretty nifty though.

Enrico Fermi - The end of the world due to a non sentient alien virus that can communicate by evolving specialist structures and transmitting it's genetic code via radio.  It might make you think twice about running SETI@Home.