26 February 2010

Bruce Sterling - Visionary In Residence

13 Short stories by Chairman Bruce
  • In Paradise - What could happen with real-time translation of language via mobile phones when people of two cultures meet, and fall kinda in love. 
  • Luciferase - All about growing up and seeking love and companionship from the perspective of a Lighting Bug
  • Homosapiens Declared Extinct
  • Ivory Tower
  • Message Found In A Bottle - A cautionary tale about Global Warming
  • The Growthing
  • User-Centric - A look at how product development works.
  • Code - Nerd Love Story, complete with RTFM and LSD-25
  • The Scabs Progress (with Paul Di Filippo)
  • Junk DNA (with Rudy Rucker) - Ribofunk take on Tamagotchi type toys.
  • The Necropolis of Thebest
  • The Blemmyes Stratagem - How the world might have been, if an advanced alien inteligence had landed in the Arab Gulf during the dark ages.
  • The Denial