28 February 2010

Arg! Spider!!

This spider lives outside my bedroom window. Just to give you some perspective, her abdomen is the size of an Oreo, and each leg is about 2 inches long. She builds an new web every night, in different positions depending on the wind speed and direction. So far, I have managed to not walk into the web.

Did I mention that my rabbits also live outside my bedroom window? I have to walk under this spider to feed them.  Naturally, I have adopted her as a pet and have taken to catching moths and flinging them into the web at night, but I have not yet seen her move more than a small twitch.  It seems she waits until I leave before eating my humble offerings.

I've been calling her an Orb spider, but I don't know if this is true or not. The webs are usually about 3 metres across and hang from three main strands. The strands look to be about 2mm thick.  This photo was taken in Donnybrook, Western Australia.  If anyone knows the species, I would appreciate it.

I never want this rather scary looking lady to come into contact with my face.
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