28 January 2010


These fricken rats. They'll do just about anything for cornflakes, except let me take a decent photo of them.
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26 January 2010

Kage Baker - In The Garden of Iden

The first novel in The Company series by Kage Baker - tells the story of Mendoza from her recruitment by Joseph until the end of her first mission.

I absolutely love this series of stories.  I first came across them reading short stories set in this universe and I was really taken by the idea of time travel and imortality being useless for everything except pilfering art and culture from the past. 

Just as I finished this novel, I found out that Ms Baker was dying of terminal cancer and had only a few weeks to live.  She has since died and the SciFi world has lost one of it's modern greats.

21 January 2010

Nebula Awards 28 (1992) - Edited by James Morrow

  • Author: James Morrow 
  • Title:  Nebula Awards 28 (1992 Edition)
  • Publisher:  Brace Harcourt 1994
  • ISBN: 978-0-15-100082-1
Annual Nebula Awards anthology for the 1992 Awards edited by James Morrow.  92 was a pretty good year for short scifi, with works by Connie Willis, Paul DiFilippo, Gregory Benford and editor James Morrow among others.  Other nominees not included in this edition were Lucius Shepard with Barnicle Bill the Spacer and Michael Swanwick with the seminal Griffins Egg.