14 March 2009

Snatch the Tablecloth? Now put it BACK ON!!

This is one of the coolest tricks I have seen in a while.  Skip to 2min10sec for the snatching the tablecloth back onto the table trick.  The rest is just low quality video of a guy juggling.

12 March 2009

Gene Wolfe - The Best of Gene Wolf: A Definative Retrospective

  • Author:  Gene Wolfe
  • Title:  The Best of Gene Wolfe - A Definative Retrospective of His Finest Short Fiction
  • Publisher:  Tor 2009
  • ISBN:  9780765321350
Massive collection of self selected short stories,  novellas and novellettes by Gene Wolfe.  I really like SOME of Gene Wolfes writing, but other stuff can be a bit wierd.  He reminds me a lot of Robert Silverberg not so much in style, but in his level of weird.