29 August 2005

We have 6 ISAbrown Frankenchickens who live quite a pleasant existence in a chook run out the front of our house. The run is constructed of old pool fencing and gum trees. There is no roof on the run. Because we feed our chickens, there is often food on the ground. Enter the crows. No amount of yelling about Adelaide will keep them out, as the readily abundant supply of high protein chicken food and complete lack of local resistance is overwhelmingly appealing (to a crow).

Clearly, the chickens are not happy about the present arrangement. Visiting crows is kinda like visiting children. No-one wants em. Therefore, in an effort to protect the delicate sensibilities of my ginger gene freaks, I decided to install a semi permeable self supporting overhead illegal entry preventicator (TM).
Break out the child labour, get cracking! The boy helped me by dragging all of my stuff up to the chook run. Once the construction materials were onsite....

Roll out a length of shiny new chicken wire.....

And start sticking the stuff up. I was worried about keeping tension at this point, but as it turned out, the tension was the easy part. The standing under 5M of chicken wire while trying to tie it to the fence was significantly more difficult.

Once the second lot of wire was up, I stopped for a coffee break. You can see sheet 3 rolled up and on top of the bits already installed.

All 6 chickens pecked at my boots the entire time that I was inside the run. Weird. I don't know if it means they hate me or love me. Having a swarm of chickens under your feet while working on a project above your head height is not ideal.
Almost complete. The level of blood loss related to wire and pliers was at this time approximately 1L/hr. Other wounds include 1 x blood blister, 1 x regular blister, 1 x mashed finger, 2 x small painful cuts from unexpected sources (handle of pliers), 1 x severely damaged cuticle (right index finger) and 1 x moisture related general nonspecific pain in foot.

Completion at approximately 1600Hrs Sunday 28/08/2005. Focus. Sorry. Will reshoot this one I think. Stupid, stupid eyes.

I believe that the run can now be considered Crow Proof. Mission completed. The end. My entire body hurts from the exertion. Don't ask me to do this at your house. I don't give a damn about your chickens....


Juta said...

You do tell a wonderful story. I'm sorry to see that you got spammed. Damn them to hell baby. *mwah*